Point 7 AC-X Review

Point 7 AC-X Review

Das Wind Lounge Team testet das Point 7 AC-X 2022 in Tarifa. Die ersten Eindrücke zum Windsurf Freerace Segel erfährst du in diesem Beitrag und unserem Video.

First impressions count. Nils unpacks the Point 7 AC-X and before the first unfurling, he and Mario marvel at the shiny material and the pleasant weight of the sail. The AC-X makes a high-quality first impression, both visually and in terms of feel.

Point 7 AC-X Review Test

Unrolled, the obligatory pieces of paper that serve to protect the sail during transport fly around. A good sign - it's windy! The first impression is confirmed quickly and both the shape and the colors come into their own. The Point 7 branding appears discreet and elegant on the AC-X. It seems less obtrusive, especially on the variant with yellow accents. In addition to the overall successful optics, the UV-resistant monofilm, which was installed in the sail window, is striking. A clear plus. Looks sexy and if it works as advertised then hallelujah!

Building the Point 7 AC-X starts with a surprise. Size 7.0 requires a 460cm mast and a 10cm extension. So high aspect. Basically, this underlines the claim of the sail to want to go as fast as a Point 7 Slalom sail. We are still surprised, because most modern slalom sails still use a 430cm mast.

When rigged, the Point 7 AC-X actually looks like a slalom sail that has lost the cams. Lots of loose leech, an official belly that underscores the motto "Fat is Fast" and an overall very tight feel. Nils and Mario didn't even think of playing around with the trim much more. A bonus was that the slats were already tensioned when delivered. A dream for those who are lazy and allergic to trimmings!

Point 7 AC-X Review Test

Info: Nils, who is very familiar with Point 7 sails, pulled the sail >beyond

The way to the water revealed a first disillusionment to Mario and Nils. However, not in relation to the AC-X, but in relation to the conditions. Chaotic chop and gusty wind. Suboptimal, especially for a first test.

Mario took to the water with his Avanti Sails Poweride (monofilm) to provide a speed reference for Nils. As soon as both were outside and gliding, things went better than expected. Although the conditions didn't allow for speed runs, both Mario and Nils rode over 30Kts Max Speed. Each with the Point 7 AC-X, Avanti Sails Poweride and on corresponding slalom boards, with slalom fins.

After a strenuous session, it was now time to evaluate the first personal impressions. Nils was enthusiastic about the Point 7 AC-X. As a speed rider who likes to sail at 45 knots, he was very suspicious of the idea of ​​a camless sail at first. He was all the more surprised that he was not only fast on the water, but also had a lot of fun.

Point 7 AC-X Test Review

Nils and Mario summarize the first test impressions as follows:

The Point 7 AC-X is advertised by its developers as a camless slalom sail. This claim is incredibly high. Because the definition of a slalom sail is not clearly defined, but of course one thinks directly of competition sails. But to become world champion you need camber - that's the way it is. Nils and Mario would not describe the AC-X as a slalom sail.

But: apart from the small misleadingness in the product description, the Point 7 AC-X made an all-round positive impression. Not only that, it has shown overwhelming performance. The pressure point remained so stable throughout the session that Nils could hardly believe it. How nailed down and almost as if camber had been installed. The speed was actually so fast that even a slalom sail would hardly have been faster.In terms of handling, the sail was a Mü more demanding than ordinary freeride sails, but still very light. The performance requires small compromises.

Conclusion: if you want to buy a freeride sail at a good price and with a strong focus on performance, we can trust the Point 7 AC-X with a clear conscience. However, it is not suitable for beginners, here we recommend a more moderate freeride sail. The AC-X is one of the best options for intermediates and advanced users who want to really shoot, but don't want annoying cambers.

Nils will be happy to advise you personally when buying your next Point 7 sail. Just send an email to nils@windlounge.de and take your windsurfing sessions to the next level!

Hang Loose,
your Wind Lounge Team


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