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Which wing do I need for my needs?

We don't want to leave you alone with this question and have summarized the most important aspects of choosing a wing for you.

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The right wing size:

The most important criterion when buying a wing is the size. Beginners should not choose the wing too small, as you need a lot of pressure to get onto the foil as quickly as possible. The absolute all-rounder is a wing with 5 square meters. Beginners taller than 1.80 m can also use a 6 sqm wing without hesitation. This generates even more power, but due to the larger span, it is no longer quite as playful. Wings smaller than 5 square meters are well suited from 5-6 wind forces and are characterized by excellent handling.

2 qm

30 - 50 kts

3 qm

20 - 40 kts

4 qm

13 - 30 kts

5 qm

9 - 25kts

6 qm

8 - 20 kts

7 qm

7 - 16 kts

8 qm

6 - 14 kts

The right model:

Meanwhile, almost every manufacturer has different wings for different disciplines and target groups in their range.

These differ not only in terms of shape and profile, but also in terms of stiffness.

On the one hand, stiff wings often have a thick front tube and provide a direct driving experience with maximum performance. On the other hand, soft wings benefit from relaxed handling and good pumping behavior. They absorb gusts better and are easier to hold. However, this is accompanied by lower performance. They are well suited for freeriding and fit perfectly in the hands of a beginner or intermediate.

Advanced riders and experts are better off with stiffer wings.

There is almost nothing that can be generalized about wings. Every wing behaves differently and in many cases just a look at the respective product description helps.

Basically, every wing on the market has advantages and disadvantages that you have to weigh against each other. The brands in our range have earned a place at the top of the industry and are now producing wings of the second or even third generation. Sophisticated and high-quality products are the result of this development and each model provides incredible fun on the water.

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