About the Wind Lounge.

What is the Wind Lounge?

The Wind Lounge is an online windsurf shop with a full focus on customer service and the sale of selected brands. From personal advice to ordering, you can do everything with us from the comfort of your own home. Worrying about making the wrong decision when making an online purchase is now a thing of the past.

Of course you can find all the accessories and hardware in our shop
that you need for your next session.

The guys are definitely setting new standards for surf shops of all kinds.

Jan on Google Reviews

Great advice and quick communication. The shop is clear and focused on the essentials.

Stefan on Google Reviews

In addition, a small dedication - handwritten - who takes the time for something like that these days?

Stefanie on Google reviews

Here you can find out more about our unique concept and our range of services.

Newly founded in 2021, the Wind Lounge is probably the youngest windsurf shop in Germany. We: Anton, Christopher and Mario, have always been working on our dream version of online shopping for windsurfers.

As young windsurfers and founders, we aim with the Wind Lounge to help shape the future of windsurfing and to bring dynamism to the dusty one bringing online windsurfing world. In the future, the program will not only include events, community campaigns and enthusiasm for windsurfing, but also a new online shopping feeling.

The Wind Lounge combines the concept of a classic windsurf shop with a modern approach of an online shop, i.e. to make comprehensive service as pleasant as possible, all of it digital, of course. Our top priority is the satisfaction of all customers.

So if you have any questions about products or if you have a general need for information, we are always available and happy to help.
Competence is just as important to us as personal and relaxed interaction with one another. The easiest way to reach us is via the contact form or directly by email to willkommen@windlounge.de

Customers of our premium brands also benefit from our Wind Lounge Per Package. In addition to detailed advice, this also includes ongoing after-sales service and other exciting extras. This should make the experience on and by the water even more relaxed.

We look forward to providing you with everything
that your windsurfing heart needs in the future.

If you are missing a product, have feedback for us or have any other concerns, then please send us an email to willkommen@windlounge.de

How does the wind lounge work?

Who is behind this?

Mario Kumpel



Christopher Jansen



Anton Bredow



Nils Bach



Alex Günnewig

Expertise Wing,
Beratung Wing,
Our Wing Man


Ernest Dunnewind

Advice and communication
in the Netherlands.


Arthur Dunnnewind

Assistant and content creator in the Netherlands.

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We ship free of charge from a value of 79€. Internationally, we ship free of charge from €100*.
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