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Wasserdichte Handyhülle Watercase Wind Lounge
Wasserdichte Handyhülle Watercase Wind Lounge

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Waterproof phone case

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Waterproof phone case

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Waterproof phone case

IPX8 water protection - Sufficient for many dives while surfing (at least 30 min at 1m water depth).
Phones with a size of up to 158mm x 77.8mm or 6.5 inch full screen display (equivalent to iPhone 11 Pro Max)
Can also be used for car keys, GPS speedometer, cash, etc...

When you stay on the water a little longer, you want to surf to the horizon or the conditions get tough in winter you should ensure safety on the water and priority one should be: if I hurt myself and can't get to shore I have to reach people and be found.

So unless you're just hanging out at the area's crowded top spot in bright sunshine, a waterproof phone case is one of the easiest ways to make your session safer.

The mobile phone case is opened and closed at the top with a simple click mechanism. All standard smartphones with a screen diagonal of up to 6.5 inches fit in the cases (full screen display). The cases are also waterproof to IPX-8. This means it is also suitable for permanent submersion.

With modern iPhones, etc., protection against water is no longer anything special. Smartphones can do that on their own. The case becomes really important to store the phone conveniently and to prevent it from "taking off".

After you have stowed your smartphone in the case, you can "attach" it to your neck with the attached strap. In real use, you can hardly feel the tab. Now you can put the case and mobile phone in the front of the wetsuit. Here the mobile phone is protected and now doubly protected. The flap prevents it from slipping deeper and deeper into the Neo and being out of reach, while also preventing the phone from flying off in the event of an unfortunate fall.

A cell phone on the water allows you to call for help, let friends on the beach know everything is okay, and other important safety features.

We recommend prior to any session that involves an increased risk to explore the framework conditions. Even if that just means checking your cell phone for a moment the first time you hit the sea to make sure you have reception. Something like this can save lives.

The mobile phone cases should be checked briefly before each session. When used appropriately (e.g. not stored in a tool box with nails) and worn under the neo, you can rest assured that the material is stable.

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