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Avanti Sails

Avanti Sails Icarus 2022

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Avanti Sails Icarus 2022

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Introducing the Avanti Sails Icarus 2022.

The Avanti Sails Icarus probably offers the best compromise between performance and handling when foiling among all existing freefoil sails. It exceeded all expectations in the British magazine "Windsurf UK" and was immediately crowned the test winner.

Thanks to the high-aspect profile and the minimal loose leech, the planing properties are so good that even heavier riders can start foiling from 8-9 knots. Appropriate pumping technology is of course still necessary. The reduced number of sail battens and the minimally sized mast pocket also make the sail appear extremely light and make it easy to ride.

From 10-11 knots nothing stands in the way of a relaxed foiling experience and the Icarus shows what it can do. Namely to ensure an absolutely relaxed and uninhibited experience above the water.

Sailing characteristics of the Icarus:

Closed high-aspect profile provides power in low wind.

Perfect handling in the low to medium wind range.

Very stable pressure point that causes horizontal pull (especially for foiling).

Butter smooth rotation of the profile in the jibe (rotates completely by itself).

In the upper wind range, smaller sizes of the Icarus are recommended.

New on all 2021/22 Avanti sails: the Avanti Quick Lock System.

This system enables faster rigging and de-rigging of the sail, thanks to a click mechanism that connects the line at the end of the boom directly to the sail. No more annoying knots - one click and GO!

Membrane Technology

Characteristic of the membrane sail is a very soft and smooth ride, which is incomparable. Gusts propel the windsurfer rather than throwing him out of control, giving room to focus on maneuvers and tactics or relaxation. Where a monofilm sail loses its pressure point and begins to flap in the wind, the membrane sail lies stable and unchanged in shape in the rider's hand.

4.5 5.5 6.5 7.4 8.5

Luff 398 421

Fork 148 166

Base 30 23

Batten's 4 5 5

Cambers 2 3 3

mast 370 RDM 400RDM 430 RDM
460 SDM 490 SDM

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