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Finish Fins

Finish Fins Weed

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Finish Fins Weed

๐Ÿ”ต 19cm Custom made / Tuttle

Wind Lounge Office

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Introducing the Finish Fins Weed fin.

Comment from the Wind Lounge Team:
Is there a solid high-end windsurf seagrass fin that doesn't just stick to the water? Yes!

The Finish Fins Weed fin is the best model we could find on the market. But it is clear to mention that seagrass fins can never come close to the performance of a classic fin. However, as in this case, a good compromise can be found between performance and greenery friendliness.

The custom carbon fin creates enough lift and pressure on the back foot to fly over the water in classic freerace style. It is characterized by a pleasant grip and a very high top speed. The latter is only possible because the fin is slightly forward to build up the necessary pressure on the back foot. This is where the fin differs significantly from other seagrass fins.

This is how your order works:

1. Select Variant
2. order as usual
3. Receive confirmation from us
4. Production of your custom fin

After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email and double-check that the fin(s) you want have been ordered. Your fin will then be produced for you at Finish Fins and sent to you 3-6 weeks later.

Finish Fins:

The key design objective of the FINISHโ„ข Weed was to get the center of pressure as far forward as possible. Various measures have been taken to reach this goal:

The foil extends +/- 3 cm in front of the base.
Overal shape and layup design makes it possible to sail it very short; a 28/29 cm for a medium (+/-70cm) slalom board.

A shortcoming of lots of weed fins is the lack of pointing capacity and backfoot pressure. This results in a poor stance with a bent front leg and a sticky board only coming to life at high downwind speeds. The Finish Weed gives a solid amount of backfoot pressure and lets the board fly on all courses. The pressure on the back foot makes a natural stance and straightening of the front leg possible.

LE Rake: 45ยฐ near the base of the 34cm

Finbox: Tuttlebox // Deep tuttlebox

Materials: Carbon-glass composite

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