Future Fly Flying Camel 2023 Foiling Future Fly
Future Fly Flying Camel 2023 Foiling Future Fly
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Future Fly

Future Fly Flying Camel 2022

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Future Fly Flying Camel 2022

🟡 145 SL Pro Madness Carbon (delivery 2023)

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Introducing the Future Fly Flying Camel 2022.

Ever seen a flying camel? No? Then it's time!

The Future Fly Foil Board range offers the right companion for every skill level and every discipline. The boards were developed with special attention to aerodynamics during flight. Special computer programs have calculated the optimal volume distribution here in order to minimize unwanted resistance or turbulence.

The PWA Race Foil Boards have been uncompromisingly optimized for flying and taking off. Speed ​​and control are the keywords. In high-end construction, of course - anything else wouldn't be Future Fly.

The 2022 Flying Camel series has been completely revised. The advances in performance are hard to put into words. A premier windsurf foil board.

Flying Camels 145
The 145 Flying Camel is an absolute novelty and, according to Arnon and the Future Fly development team, is "the most fun" board of the 2022 series. Extremely compact, stiff and light are the keywords. However, these only really come into their own in combination with the volume of 145L and the extravagant high-tech shape.

Perfectly balanced and constructed, the Flying Camel 145 is suitable for all freeride / freerace foilers and especially for those looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush in high wind foiling. While the board is still easy, direct and compact to ride with a large foil, it becomes the definition of the Flying Camel with a small front wing and strong wind. The enormous agility and aerodynamics come into play in the extreme areas and ensure significantly improved control and faster top speed compared to the large, 91cm wide foil boards.

Flying Camels 187
Like the 145 Flying Camel, the 187 foil board has been completely redesigned. The 2022 version is state of the art and high tech in every respect. Months of sweaty work went into the development. It doesn't matter whether it's the production of the prototypes or testing on the water.

Compared to its predecessor, it's easier to list the news than the similarities (the construction is of course still the best). The board now comes with a deck rail to optimize the pressure from the sail to the board. Overall, the board is shorter and features improved aerodynamics. The tail is wider to improve the stance and the pressure from the windsurfer on the foil. The cut outs have been fundamentally revised and are state-of-the-art. The nose is narrower. The bottom of the board features a large V-shape to make touchdowns easier and minimize bounce backs.

Overall a brilliant piece of work that Arnon Dagan and the entire Future Fly team have delivered here. Combined with the build and build quality, there are little to no alternatives.

Flying Camel 145 Pro Flying Camel 187 Pro
volume 145 L 187 L
81cm 91cm
Length 208 cm 217 cm
Weight 8kg 9.2kg
Sails 4.0 - 8.0 7.0 - 10.0


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