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Point 7

Point 7 AC-K 2022

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Point 7 AC-K 2022

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Introducing the Point 7 AC-K 2022.

A comment from the Wind Lounge:

The AC-K has been known for many years as possibly the fastest windsurf freerace sail on the market. It is strongly reminiscent of a slalom sail (3 cams like the AC-One), but scores with freeracers in particular due to the narrower mast sleeve. This takes some power out of the sail and allows you to do a “relaxed” lap from time to time. This freerace sail has a very clear focus: to have as few performance differences as possible compared to a slalom sail. At speed, this works almost 100%. In the jibe, the sail is even easier to ride than a slalom sail, thanks to the shorter mast sleeve. However, the physical handling is also more demanding due to the high performance. While other brands focus on maximum balance, Point 7 focuses on maximum speed. The sail is the perfect partner for every windsurfer who finds a full-fledged slalom sail too heavy but still wants to go full throttle. Here the AC-K is the undisputed number one. The price-performance ratio of the sail is very good. Have fun browsing further and  with the product description of Point 7.

- Your Wind Lounge Team -

The "super naked" among racing sails.

The slim twin sister of the AC-1.

A real racing sail for every level.

There's just nothing like speed.

Highly addictive.

20% smaller mast sleeve than the AC-One.

Totally easy rotating 3-camber setup.

Lots of power in the lower wind range to get really nice planing early on.

High-speed powerhouse that's easy to handle.

Feels incredibly light in your hands.

Incredibly fast and easy to maneuver sail.

Light feeling over the board and water.

Designed for:
those who are looking for a simpler race sail with cams that produces fewer outliers in performance and above all is easier to handle. Less weight in the front of the sail to meet the sail performance with less energy expended by the rider. And of course a key development goal was easier water launch and gybe characteristics. You can finally enjoy top speed and power for hours on the water without expending the energy that a thoroughbred racing sail requires.


5mil Anti UV X-ply base panel to protect against accidents. All of our ply, x-ply and scrims monofilms are produced in the USA

Anti-UV transparent gray window for a 100% anti-UV monofilm sail.

X-ply mast sleeve for fast reflex and firm stability.

In the lower area, the AC-K Pro has a wide Dacron mast sleeve for extra power and comfort. However, the mast sleeve is not as wide as on the AC-One. 3 cams for maximum drive.

4mil anti UV X-ply laminate for high reactivity.

X-ply alternating batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex. 7 tubular battens that complement the sail's pure slalom profile. Each batten corresponds exactly to the set up of our AC-One race sail.

Sail areas:
The luff sleeve is medium-sized with a flat profile and contains a super soft rotating 3-camber setup that lets you experience a light feeling.
The simple camber rotation enables perfect fast jibing without losing energy and power.
The actual effort required by the sailor is lower compared to the AC-One, so less technical input and reduced energy expenditure make it possible to extend your race sessions.
The winglet at the top provides the close the gap effect (A "winglet" is a specially shaped edge of the sail in the top of the sail, which reduces drag, making the sail more stable and faster. "Close the gap" eliminates the pressure difference between two sails adjacent spheres and reduces the air turbulence between them, leading to more speed and more control)
Distinct Venturi effect due to the typical Point-7 loose leach for higher speeds when sailing downwind. (The Venturi effect describes that the air on the side of the sail that is more curved due to loose leach has a higher speed and, according to the Bernoulli equation, also a lower pressure. As a result, a suction or force is created in the direction of the curvature of the sail, which pulls the windsurfer and gives him more speed power).
The sail automatically self-adjusts its power thanks to S-shaping along the entire middle and upper leech opening to increase or decrease the venturi effect in the sail depending on wind conditions.
A clew eyelet that ensures that the behavior of the S-shape and leech tension is controlled by the boom tension and from there just the right spot in the clew.

Its character:
Take all the advantages of a pure competition slalom sail, reduce the size of its mast pocket and flatten the profile a bit. This is the AC-K PRO. The sail has a medium-sized mast sleeve and a totally easy rotating 3-camber setup combined with a lot of power from below, so that you can plane really early. The AC-K PRO is a high-speed powerhouse that's easy to use and incredibly light in your hands. The board flies constantly powered over the water and the sail delivers top speed with the best possible control. The AC-K PRO is an incredibly fast sail that delivers the performance desired by even a nervous rider in an instant. The AC-K PRO brings pure performance to the board in all conditions and at all times, from early planing to absolute strong wind conditions. Sailing really fast has never been so easy! As the pressure in the sail increases, lock yourself in, slam the sail shut and let the magic happen. The sail feels super light and gives immediate feedback in your hands. It is completely balanced in itself and requires little technical input and energy from the sailor, so that everyone can enjoy their race sessions for much longer. The faster you blast along, the easier the handling of the AC-K PRO, which is particularly noticeable during maneuvers, which automatically makes you faster both on the straight and in the jibe.
On the water:
The AC-K PRO is not about freeriding. It's about nothing less than pure acceleration and ultimate speed with the best possible control. This happens as soon as you close the gap between the foot of the AC-K PRO and the board deck. Then the sail turns on its turbo and keeps accelerating without you having to pull your arms or do any work. Just stay relaxed in your curled-up posture with your center of gravity right in the middle of the balanced sail profile. This also feels so great when the sail is rotated that you can circle faster and faster perfect jibes into the water without using a lot of energy and strength. When the wind picks up, the sail seems even lighter, is even more fun and doesn't require you to switch to a smaller sail so quickly.
Developed and designed by:
Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional windsurfers and designers proven by winning PWA title sails in slalom, wave and freestyle.
Development goal:
To build a true race sail that allows the rider to save more energy and spend more hours on the water. A thoroughbred race sail has a primal power that is only needed by heavy PWA riders to sail with a lot of drive from a jibe out to accelerate, or for ultimate downwind courses on some radical PWA circuits. The AC-K Pro, on the other hand, is a pure race sail with a built-in fun factor, without belonging to the category of 3 or 2 cam sails for free racing.
The rigging:
With the AC-K PRO, the mast is inserted into the mast sleeve via the cams. After the luff has been tightened to about 15 cm before the final luff tension, you can either tighten the outhaul slightly via the boom and then fold in the cams before finally pushing through the luff, or you can fold in the cams with the correct technique and then pull the  luff adjuster and finally attach the outhaul to the boom. You can find more guides and videos in the support section of our website. Playing with the clew tension (outhaul) increases performance (less tension) or increases control (more tension). Put tension on the bottom two battens and the top batten of the sail, but tension the other battens just enough to just remove the creases without putting too much tension on the battens.

5.5 6.2 7.1 7.8 8.5 9.1
Luff 425 441
500 523
mast 400
460 490
Base 26
boom 182
Batten's 7 7
Cambers 3 3
3 3 3 3
mast RDM K87/K97 RDM K87/K97 SDM K80/K100 SDM K80/K100 SDM K80/K100 SDM K80/K100
weight 5.0kg
5.1kg 5.5kg 5.7 kg 5.9kg 6.1kg

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