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Point 7

Point 7 AC-X 2022

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Point 7 AC-X 2022

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Introducing the Point 7 AC-X 2022.

A comment from the Wind Lounge:

The AC-X is Point 7's freeride sail. Or not. You could also call it a freerace sail. At the end of the day it is somewhere in between and is a clear concession for all windsurfers for whom the 2 cams of the AC-Z are too crisp. The AC-X motto is "relaxed performance".

“Relaxed performance” is actually the core essence of any freeride sail. But Point 7 makes a statement here and weights “relaxed” a little less and “performance” a little more. With the AC-X you can really step on the gas. Of course you have to cut back on the stability of the pressure point, because the sail has no camber, but that's what you want it to be. After all, it's about surfing fast with as little effort as possible.

If the sail is trimmed well and the wind is right, the difference in speed compared to the AC-Z is minimal. To be honest, they are barely noticeable under optimal conditions. However, the sail is noticeably easier to sail, on the straight and in the jibe. The differences between the sail types become greater, the more extreme the conditions get. With little wind or extremely strong wind, the cam sails always have an advantage. In the limit areas, the AC-X cannot keep up with camber sails, but that's a good thing. Otherwise no PWA sailor would put up the fight with a real slalom sail. But it scores across the board when it comes to sailing as fast as possible with as little effort as possible!

The sail is available in two colors and we have a clear purchase recommendation for all freeriders who want to drive their freeriding colleagues crazy. To put it bluntly, you don't expect speed from a freeride sail like you would from a freerace sail. But the AC-X shows that it is possible. However, if you hope for stability at the center of pressure and a wind range like that of a cam sail, you should look into the AC-Z. Have fun browsing further and with the product description of Point 7.

- Your Wind Lounge Team -

The fastest slalom sail ever without cams.


Fastest camless slalom sail ever.

No cam mast sleeve and no cambers.

Simple handling properties.

Probably the lightest 7 batten no cam sail on the market.

Also excellent in overpowered conditions.

Power and improved stability in low and high winds.

Locked-in feeling that can only be compared to a cam sail

Winner of numerous national slalom championships in various categories.

Designed for:
Slalom speed freaks who don't like camber stress. If cam sails aren't your thing, then the mega sail power plant AC-X and its looks should be right up your alley. Let the wind in the sail and you will see with a smile and ease that others only see your stern! Kiss my spray!

The tests in trade journals say:
The fastest slalom sail without camber, without compromises. A magazine test winner from 2014 to 2021 for its high-end speed and control. 10+ was the AC-X rating in the speed test, more is not possible! One of the most potent top-end machines, if you have the right board and the guts to keep up - you're unbeatable on the water. A drag racer's dream.If you want to be the fastest at your home spot and make it look effortless, this sail could become the most desirable race tool in your setup
What's new:
A longer boom length was developed for the AC-X. The advantage: more power in light winds to increase the average overall speed. When a gust comes or when it stops, the new boom length allows you to maintain the same body position and pressure on the board, increasing comfort and performance.


5mil Anti UV X-ply base panel to protect against accidents. All of our ply, x-ply and scrims monofilms are produced in the USA.

Anti-UV transparent gray window for a 100% anti-UV monofilm sail.

Lower Dacron luff panel for added performance and comfort

4mil anti UV X-ply laminate for high reactivity.

X-ply alternating batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex. 7 tubular battens that give extra power to the sail's purebred slalom profile. Each slat is mounted for easy swapping.

Raised X-ply luff panel for quick reflex.

Sail areas:
The deep Dacron underprofile absorbs the chop and the waves allowing for more control and allows a higher average speed. The Dacron has a stabilizing effect in light winds and provides extra power and acceleration, as well as a comfortable drive when jibing.
The upper part of the luff built in Xply fixes the profile and keeps the sail highly responsive. Sailing power is concentrated right where our body is comfortably centered over the board. This allows for light backhand pressure to put pressure on the fin.
Narrow sail top for less drag but closed to keep the winglet effect (reduces drag).
A negative leech for a light feel on the backhand, extra speed and acceleration.
When the wind increases, the sail automatically adjusts itself thanks to the S-shaping.
The clew eyelet is positioned in such a way that it optimally builds up pressure for the leech tension. A larger cut-out than on freeride sails has been implemented on the clew to allow for more S-shape when wind and speed increase.
The low-cut foot allows the rider to maintain their locked-in position. The sail is balanced between both arms and delivers pure slalom performance to the board and fin.

His character:
The AC-X has become in the SURF magazine June 2021 test winner in speed, control and driving feeling. This is what the AC-X was developed for, namely to be the fastest sail on the water. Other magazine tests take a similar view: amazing slalom performance without having a wide mast pocket and camber. The high-end performance gives you the ultimate speed you've always dreamed of with minimal effort and easy handling. Probably the lightest seven batten camless sail on the market with a high-end performance that increases even further in strong wind conditions. Performance and increased stability in light and strong winds combined with a locked-in feel only comparable to camber sails. Its low-cut foot causes the rider to keep his locked-in position for as long as possible - just a great feeling!
On the water:
You feel it right away and quickly realize that once you get out on the water and power the thing up, you're experiencing something dramatically exciting.Yes, it actually has no cambers - wow! You don't have to look twice at the mast sleeve: if you can't believe that the sail performs so well without cams, just jibe with the AC-X for the first time and you'll immediately see that the AC-X really doesn't Camber has! The sail lies perfectly balanced between your arms and delivers pure, unadulterated slalom performance to your board and fin, trimming like on rails. The sail has the same wind range as a pure race sail, it has amazing upwind performance for a Non-camber sails. A deeper Dacron profile enables a comfortably powered drive through the jibe. The profile with different layers of Dacron absorbs chop and waves, allowing more control and a higher average speed compared to the previous version. Once on plane, the AC-X just accelerates like it's on a whole other level - it seems to shift up a gear with each subsequent gust. It literally craves to do its job on a fast freerace or slalom board - a board/fin set up that has the ability to keep up! As you venture into high winds and overpowered conditions, you'll discover the true personality of the AC-X - it's a true freerace thoroughbred, favored by larger, heavier riders or by lighter pros who want to challenge the power of the AC-X to be able to deal with. The sail center of effort remains cemented in place and is positioned high enough to best suit those riders with an assertive riding style. It helps the rider to adopt a higher stance and force the board's speed so that it "flies" on the fin. Take that speed with you and the AC-X has the balance and handling to perfectly carve through a race jibe – lay down baby! By "breathing" the lower luff panel, the AC-X provides the extra low-end power to efficiently complete the maneuver. Awesome!

Race results:
Winner of many national slalom championships in different categories.
Developed and designed by:
Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional windsurfers and designers proven by designing winning PWA title sails in slalom, wave and freestyle.
Development goal:
Remove all the annoying details that cam sails have, but with the aim of creating pure slalom racing performance to tease cam sails. All this allows the rider to save more energy and stay on the water all day, at least much longer than with power-sapping camber sails.
The rigging:
The AC-X is easy to rig and requires little effort to pull through the moderate luff and thus create the necessary downhaul tension. A trim mark in the upper part of the sail provides orientation. The AC-X can be rigged with either an RDM or SDM mast, but from a sail size of 6.5m² using an SDM mast will result in better performance. Playing with the clew tension (outhaul) will either increase performance (less tension) or increase control (more tension). Put tension on the top and bottom battens of the sail, but tension the other battens just enough to just remove the creases without putting too much tension on the battens.

4.7 5.4 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 7.9 84 9.0
Luff 403
474 498 506 516
mast 400
460 460 490
Base 4
16 38 20 28
boom 154 168
212 218 220 222
Batten's 5 5
7 7 7 7
mast RDM K87/K97 RDM K87/K97 RDM K87/K97 SDM K80/K100 SDM K80/K100 SDM K80/K100 SDM K80/K100 SDM K80/K100 SDM K80/K100
weight 3.14 kg
3.42 kg 3.52 kg 3.99kg 4.09 kg 4.28kg 4.37kg 4.56kg 4.75kg

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