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Point 7 F1 SL Foil Slalom 2022

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Point 7 F1 SL Foil Slalom 2022

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Introducing the Point 7 F1 SL Foil Slalom 2022.

A comment from the Wind Lounge:

New to the Point 7 range are the foil slalom sails.The trends in the windsurfing industry ensure strong demand here and Point 7 brings an innovative sail to the market with the F1 SL Foil Slalom.Innovative because things are actually done differently.Like the AC-One, it is a 3-cam sail, which makes handling much easier, especially when jibing.Like all foil slalom sails it is based on the principles of high aspect windsurfing sails.So long mast, short boom.In addition, the F1 has a very deep profile and a long mast sleeve.This ensures real power in light winds and stability in strong winds.The sail is suitable for all foilers that place maximum value on performance.The sail is not suitable for absolute foil beginners.In terms of price-performance ratio, as with almost all Point 7 sails, there is a straight 1.

Additional tip: if you have enough money for exactly one sail, then we recommend the F1 in size 8.0 sqm.This sail has the largest possible wind range in the range.Have fun browsing further and the product description of Point 7.

- Your Wind Lounge Team -

High aspect outline (long luff, shortened boom)

Low cut foot

The fastest sail in downwind slalom racing

Low down centered profile stability

No holding forces on the backhand with a lot of power in the sail

Insanely stable

Breathtakingly fast

Designed for:
Windsurfers who are looking for an absolutely high-performance special sail especially for slalom foiling and who like to battle with the very latest technology on the slalom course.

What's new:
Initially we had 4 grommets in the first version simply to have more options.After some racing tests in different conditions and after receiving feedback from the testers we decided to place only one clew eyelet in the key position.We then developed the optimal leech opening (loose leach) for exactly this eyelet positioning.The boom has been further shortened and the luff lengthened by around 20cm to reduce the holding forces on the rear hand on the boom to a minimum.The texture of the battens has been revised to further optimize the profile.The upper part of the leech has been further modified with the aim of achieving even greater stability when foiling.Finally, a new negative leech design was realized in the final project.


5mil Anti UV X-ply base panel to protect against accidents.

Anti-UV transparent gray window for a 100% anti-UV monofilm sail.

X-ply mast sleeve for quick reflex.

Drawn down wide Dacron mast sleeve for added profile and comfort.

4mil anti-UV laminate.

Alternating batten pockets in X-ply for lighter weight and reflex.

Sail areas:
Low profile far forward.7 battens and 3 cams have become a trademark in the Point-7 race sails.
A batten set-up that flattens the profile where it's not needed.From the moment the wind enters the sail to where it exits the leech, the sail reduces power that is not needed when foiling, eliminating unnecessary sail pull.

High aspect outline (long luff, shortened boom).

Shortened foot for fast jibing on a foil board and to close the gap between foot and board deck while flying (close the gap).

Short boom for control, no clew cut out.

Small winglet in the upper sail area for efficient aerodynamics and a light feel.

His character:
This is what a winner looks like! The front deep profile with the wide mast pocket shows the viewer unmistakably that this can only be about racing.A batten set-up that flattens the profile at the end of the sail to eliminate backhand pull when sailing with power.7 battens and 3 cams have become a trademark in Point-7 race sails.The outline has an extended luff with a simultaneously shortened boom length.The foot is cut very low to allow a perfect close the gap, but it is not too wide for fast jibes.Normal windsurfing on the classic fin with a slalom board also works with it.
On the water:
When you get out on the water, the sail feels completely light in your hands.If you really step on the gas you only feel the foil in the water while the sail still feels totally easy in your hands.This is exactly what is called stability! The F1 allows you to focus on the pressure of the foil and enjoy the high speeds, eliminating loss of control and the annoying pull on the backhand (back hand on the boom).The 3-camber set-up ensures easy and smooth rotation when shifting in the jibe.
Developed and designed by:
Point-7 Black Team.A team of professional windsurfers and designers proven by designing winning PWA title sails in slalom, wave and freestyle.
Development goal:
Designed to compete with the latest technology and win the most important racing events. 9.0, 77, 67 are the slalom sizes for foiling.This meets the PWA requirements governing foiling on a slalom foil course in suitable foiling conditions.
Can the F1 SL be used on a traditional fin? The F1 SL can be used on wider slalom boards as a compromise.However, our AC-One remains our thoroughbred slalom sail.
Life is a race. The F1 has not only been tested for speed on the straights, but how it can offer the best comfort when foiling.Comfort on the straights and power that always ensures control at the same time.Absolute stability when flying, so you can focus on the race.
The rigging:
With the F1, the mast must be inserted into the wide mast sleeve over the cams.After the luff has been tightened up to about 15 cm before the final luff tension, you can either tighten the outhaul slightly with the help of the boom and then fold in the cams before finally pushing through the luff, or you fold in the cams with the correct technique and then pull finally tighten the luff adjuster and finally attach the outhaul to the boom.You can find more guides and videos in the support section of our website.Playing with the clew tension (outhaul) increases performance (less tension) or increases control (more tension).Tension the battens just enough to follow the natural profile of the sail without putting too much tension on the battens.

4.7 809 392 370 22 172+-2 174 tbc 7 3 Yes 3
5.8 839 442 430 12 184+-1 186 tbc 7 3 Yes 3
6.9 869 490 460 30 194+-2 196 tbc 7 3 Yes 3
8.0 929 522 490 32 204+-2 206 tbc 7 3 Yes 3
9.0 969 555 520 36 226+-2 228 7.5 7 3 Yes 3

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