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Point 7

Point 7 Sick Pro Kids 2023

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Point 7 Sick Pro Kids 2023

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Introducing the Point 7 Sick Pro Kids 2023.


A design for cruising, freestyling and for the wave

4 batten layout

Developed for ambitious children and young people

Provides performance for lighter riders

Special S!CK components (mast & boom)

Full Anti-UV Xply Monofilm

Designed for:
This is the sail for young people who want to have the same qualities in the sail as the adults.A real crossover for wave riding or freestyling.The S!ck is a mix of top features from the Salt Pro (Wave) and the Slash (Freestyle).


5mil Anti UV X-ply base panel to protect against accidents.

5mil centrally transparent monofilm for good visibility through

4mil Anti UV X-Ply laminate for high reactivity.

X-ply alternating batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex

Dacron luff panel for extra propulsion and more

A soft rotation profile ensures little effort when changing sides, adapted to the weight of a child.
The Dacron panel in the luff and the light profile is in the lower part of the sail while it decreases in the upper part of the sail.The sail delivers balanced power for freestyling as well as comfort when riding waves.
The S!ck has a medium-sized sail area in the top area, which gives the small sail additional stability.
Negative upper leech for a light feel when sailing and manoeuvring.
The profile closes in the middle leech area, which reduces the central imc of the mast and makes the sail soft and forgiving.
2 clew eyelets allow boom trimming to suit rider size.
A mid-height foot for testing those first duck freestyle maneuvers.Lightweight and compact.

His character:
With this sail you can ride waves, freestyle, slalom and even foil.It all works perfectly with the S!CK.The foot is cut high to allow for the most radical maneuvers.The Dacron in the mast pocket gives stability when cruising, but at the same time provides great pop for freestyling and a full drive when waveriding.The piece is a perfect blend of the best disciplines in windsurfing, allowing the rider to develop their skills and then specialize in the discipline they most want to do!

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