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Point 7

Point 7 SPY 2022

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Point 7 SPY 2022

black / 🟢 4.5

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Introducing the Point 7 SPY 2022.

The power freestyle wave sail.


Power in abundance

Broad wind range

True all-rounder

Power for onshore conditions and small waves

Surfing and jumping

powerful and precise

Control symbol: forward positioned profile for full drive combined with good surface tension

Power is nothing without control!

Foil Ready

Designed for:
Planing power, hit the lip in light wind conditions and ready to take on the toughest conditions. Going all out in bump and jump conditions, right through to trying out the basics of freestyle. You won't find anything else out there with more control, more wind range and more power.

The tests in trade journals say:
Well done and an eye catcher. With an abundance of power and functionality over a wide wind range - a real all-rounder. The power of the sail is used in the surf and when jumping, especially in onshore conditions and small waves. Really good in bump and jump conditions. Consistent, reliable power over an impressively tunable range, while maintaining a degree of handling balance that is helping to redefine what is expected of modern "power wave" sails.
What's new:
The Spy comes with a new, cleaner design, offered in 2 versions. The yellow that gives a more direct feeling. And the black with a softer and forgiving feel.


5mil Anti UV X-ply base panel to protect against accidents. All of our ply, x-ply and scrims monofilms are produced in the USA.

X-ply Anti UV window only where it does not impede perfect vision.

5mil centrally transparent monofilm for good visibility through the window.

X-ply alternating batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex.

4mil anti UV X-ply laminate for high reactivity.

2.5 mil Anti UV X-Ply laminate for light weight and forgiving landings. (black version)

Sail surfaces:
The Spy generates a lot of power and drive from below. The lower batten rotates easily around the mast. Low pressure point to keep the board down for better control.
The center of the sail performance is in the upper area of ​​the sail design and is at the same time oriented forward for great drive and good surface tension at the same time.
Locked-in profile and winglet effect, medium sized sail head for extra performance.
Low profile and maximum leech opening for light feel and acceleration. Behind the mast panel area the profile of the sail is completely flat, making the sail easy to handle in overpowered situations.
The leech slopes gently down to the 4th batten to allow for speed and quick responsiveness thanks to a slight S-shaping. A symbol of control.
High-cut sail tack and clew eyelet for wave-specific performance. Short boom length. Upper clew eyelet for bump and jump. Lower grommet for waveriding.
Neutral central profile. Transforms the power of gusts into more speed and a light feel. Delivers balanced handling.

His character:
A powerful masterpiece and a symbol of control.With a pronounced forward positioned profile for great drive combined with good surface tension, the SPY is a powerful yet extremely manoeuvrable sail that ensures you stay in control of the situation in a wide variety of wind conditions The loose leach falls gently down to the fourth batten, while the bottom batten retains plenty of rotation around the mast. Current details and the upwards geometry of the battens clarify the intended sailing performance. The high-cut foot and the high position of the clew eyelet give the sail a clearly jazzed-up, wave-specific appearance. Undoubtedly the right choice for many of you. You'll be amazed!
On the water:
The Spy is fast and efficiently translates the extra power of gusts into more speed. While always balanced in the hands, the Spy feels lighter and lighter as the speed increases, inspiring the user to try new maneuvers or conquer the next set of waves. The Spy generates a lot of power from below. The center of performance is in the upper part of the sail and is oriented forward. Its power is amplified by the high position of the clew and offers the driver a lot of usable feedback. It's a real powerhouse of a sail, giving even the heavier or taller rider the incentive to pump up their board early and get them planing. It has an impressive all-round nature, ranging from high-wind engine to power machine for the opportunist in less wind. During transitions the Spy retains its power and drive rather than going neutral in the hands, but its stability is unwavering, allowing the rider to rely on the sail and reposition themselves at will. The slats rotate perfectly around the mast. A reliable powerhouse with a wide tunable range. While it may not be as neutral on transitions as the Salt Pro, nor is its power as progressive or forgiving, its stability and dynamics are not in question. The more energy you invest in the SPY, the more power it willingly give back to you.
Developed and designed by:
Point-7 Black Team. A team of professional windsurfers and designers proven by designing winning PWA title sails in slalom, wave and freestyle.
Development Goal:
An ideal blend of usable performance and balanced handling. Providing efficient power to your board with a shorter boom, shorter than what you would normally expect. The Spy efficiently delivers power to the board and stays balanced in the hands with its short boom length, making it feel smaller than its actual sail size - from light wind wave sails to high wind bolts. The hallmark of this all-rounder is the Spy's manageable power, which provides consistently usable power without overwhelming the rider, but always helps to keep the board down and in control in extreme conditions.
The rigging:
Spy is easy to rig while requiring little effort to pull down the luff, adjust profile rotation and create a slight loose leach that extends to the front point of the mini top batten. Playing with the outhaul (leech tension on the clew) on the higher ring (leech eyelet) will increase performance (less outhaul) or increase control (more outhaul), but tighten the clew properly until you find your perfect performance.Put tension in the top and bottom battens, but only tighten the other battens enough to eliminate the creases there without over-tightening the battens. If the wind picks up significantly, the Spy can be re-trimmed with more tension, reducing the twist in the leech is increased without losing much shape in the sail design. For waveriding use the lower clew eyelet and reduce the downhaul (downhaul tension) to 2cm before the maximum setting according to the respective sail specification.

4.0 4.2 4.5 4.7 5.0 5.4 5.9 6.4
Luff 364 381

mast 370 370

Base 2

boom 148 152
166 172

Batten's 5 5

mast RDM K87 RDM K87 RDM K87/K97 RDM K87/K97 RDM K87/K97 RDM K87/K97 RDM K97 RDM K97
weight 6lbs
2.85kg 3.04 kg 3.09 kg 3.14 kg 3.33kg


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