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Patrik Speed 2022


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Patrik Speed 2022

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Wind Lounge Office

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Dammstr. 4
04416 Markkleeberg


Wir präsentieren das Patrik Speed Board 2022.

In the past couple of years’ Speed had a big impact on windsurfing history. With the Luderitz canal in Namibia, the overall speed times just rose by about 5 knots. On one of the record attempt, Patrik scored the best result of the event with a time of 51.18 Knots. Even he didn’t break the world record his most surprising result was when he sailed 48.77 knots in marginal wind conditions of 25-30 knots windspeed with a 6.3 sail size.

Patrik: “Just for a test purpose I borrowed a 6.3 from another rider and almost wasn’t able to start in this light wind. After getting on the board I was already happy making the first corner and thought I might need to pump to make it to the end.

The run was rather boring and I was happy to have made throughout the run without stopping. After checking out the speed time I first thought it was a mistake but the time was checked several times and there is no mistake. Ever since I have bright ideas on how to design faster equipment and I will not rest and be again a part of the next Luderitz Challenge”

Today we are happy to be supporting the Prince of Speed organized by Andrea Baldini – Principe that is organizing amazing speed events in the South of France. So if you go really fast sign in to one of his events and break your records.

If you also want to have a historical moment in your windsurf memory don’t wait – get one of our speed boards and make your way to the today known fastest windsurf venue on earth.


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