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"F4 has become obsessed with hydrofoils and been designing some of the world's best for Windsurf, Windwing, Surf and Kitesurfing."

The F4 philosophy springs from the origins of the modern Windsurf fins and foil technology. In 2013, Chris Radkoswky and Ben Barner were the pioneers who played a key role in the development of the first high-tech windsurf foils and took decisive steps for the extremely fast-growing market.

Their decades of experience as athletes in competitions, enthusiastic windsurfers and as engineers and mathematicians ultimately made it possible to launch the F4 Foils brand.

F4 Foils has been a technological leader in the field of windsurf foils for several years and is now playing the same role in wing foiling. Coupled with a unique philosophy of "Customers First", F4 Foils is the perfect partner for us to help windsurfers achieve their perfect foiling session.

Our values:

Customer Centric
Our customers are what we are here for. 

Delivering products from the highest level of racing to consumers requires careful collaboration with you our end-users and listening and incorporating your feedback and needs into our products. 

Make it happen
we know how valuable your time on the water is. And we promise you to do our best to make sure you have enjoyable time on the water with the most advanced product on the market. 

The Environment
Our sport bring us in physical contact with nature. Our commitment is to protect it and enrich it so we can leave it better than we found it and allow future generations to enjoy it just as much as we do today.  

Which foil type are you?

Freeride Foil

Perfectly suited for beginners and advanced foilers, the F4 Freeride Foil offers easy take-off characteristics and phenomenal flight stability. The foil was specially developed for sails in the 4-7.5 sqm range and also performs perfectly on
smaller boards up to 140L.

Freerace Foil

The F4 Windsurf Freerace Foil is what every ambitious foil freeracer is looking for. A fusion of pure race performance and the lightness and agility of a freeride foil.

Slalom Foil

With the new discipline Foil Slalom Race, new challenges have also grown. The F4 Slalom Foil does this with the finest precision and maximum control.

Race Foil

The classic in performance foiling is the course race. All-round foils are required for this, which offer the necessary stability and speed both upwind, downwind and on a half-wind course to win races of this format.

Not sure which foil is right for you?

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