Quality, performance & a flight into the future.

Future Fly is a brand new brand founded by Windsurf Champion Arnon Dagan.

As an active professional windsurfer, Arnon knows exactly what makes a perfect board brand. Sharing this vision with the world is what he is realizing with Future Fly.

The mission is clear: to combine the best possible quality with the best possible performance. Without compromises. The development of the boards with superior production processes is in the foreground. Everyone should benefit from these new standards.

Regardless of whether you are a professional windsurfer or a hobby athlete — you can feel the difference in quality from the first second on the water.


The production of Future Fly.

For a long time, windsurfing customers have wanted a board that is lightweight, doesn't break or soften, holds its shape, and is crafted with precision. Without the varnish falling off after a few sessions and without the feeling of having to buy something new or better after a few months. Future Fly did that.

Future Fly is one of the few brands that does not produce its boards in Thailand, but in Vietnam. This actually banal difference is reflected in gigantic differences in quality. The more expensive Vietnamese production implements what Arnon always wanted. No compromises in the choice of materials, no skimping on carbon and, above all, series production implemented with absolute sensitivity.

The highest production standards and a coordinated team of developers and athletes ultimately result in a range of boards that no one can match so quickly forgets. Everyone notices the difference to conventional brands and we cordially invite you to enjoy your first session on a Future Fly Board.

Since a freestyle board has different construction requirements than a slalom or freeride board, Future Fly works with five different construction techniques. You can find detailed information here:
Future Fly constructions and technologies

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New in the family

The Future Fly Board Range offers the perfect companion for every style.

Free Bird, Tamado, Yellow Fish, Dark Horse & Flying Camel
are the names of the future.

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Free Bird

Freeriding means leaning back and relaxing, but really stepping on the gas as soon as your best friend is riding next to you!

The Future Fly Free Birds combine a clean classic shape with modern features. The board glides through the water with a round outline, a classic nose and a straight rocker line. The side edges are kept flat, the deck is flat and the bottom has a clean V shape for maximum relaxed sessions.

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Tamado 2022

The Tamado is the incarnation of a freestyle board - by Taty and Amado. With Future Fly, the world-famous windsurf stars have brought out a completely unrivaled board that makes freestylers' hearts beat faster. From the beginning, everyone's goal was to build the best freestyle board in the world.

Both the construction, the features and the shape make no compromises. Taty and Amado were able to realize their common dream of a freestyle board here.

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Yellow Fish

Wave boards have always been incredibly complex, as they need to perfectly combine as many variables as possible. Carving, power, speed, flow, control, grip, balance in flight, everything has to be right in order to draw the perfect turn or jump onto the wave.

The Yellow Fish was developed and produced in three different versions. Each individual variant not only differs in terms of volume, but also in terms of the driving characteristics that are adapted to special conditions.

Performance Racing Boards:

The Future Fly Slalom and Foil Boards are among the most distinctive boards on regatta courses around the world. They have significantly shaped the image of the brand and stand for uncompromising quality and performance. No one who has ever ridden a Dark Horse or Flying Camel will say otherwise.

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Dark Horse 2022

The flagship from Future Fly lives up to its name on land and on the water. The aggressive look conveys the Formula 1 feeling that every slalom driver longs for.

Arnon Dagan and the Future Fly Team developed every detail, from the more conservative cut outs, the rails, the bottom and the rocker line, and brought them to reality together with experienced board engineers. Testing took place on the water and in all conditions - nothing was left to chance here.

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Dark Horse FR Edition

Doesn't a freeracer want the same as a slalom driver? Anyone for whom performance and competition are just as important as having fun with windsurfing wants to surf the water as fast as possible and with maximum control.

Exactly the same shape and design as the Dark Horse, but with additional foot strap options , the Dark Horse FR is the most uncompromising freeracer on the market.

A freerace board that offers the option of cruising over the water with loops further inwards, or just a radical slalom board. The Dark Horse FR is both in one.

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Flying Camel 2022

Ever seen a flying camel?
No? Then it's time!

The Future Fly Foil Board range offers the right companion for every skill level and every discipline. The boards were developed with special attention to aerodynamics during flight. Special computer programs have calculated the optimal volume distribution here in order to minimize unwanted resistance or turbulence.

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