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the windsurfing fashion label

Welcome to Jibe Wear.

We stand for windsurfing and want to represent our lifestyle in everyday life.
Just like you.

We practice the most beautiful sport in the world and we don't just want to experience it on the beach and on the water. We want to wear something we know what it stands for around town, to work or on vacation. We want to see each other and know right away what connects us.

windsurfshop windsurf-shop windsurfen-lernen Jibe-Wear Modelabel Clothing spread-the-jibe Windsurf-Hoodie Windsurf Klamotten

Just another fashion label, although there are already more than enough? No!

We have a vision. We don't just stand for cool clothes, we represent our sport. We represent windsurfing.

There has been a downward trend for some time - regardless of whether it's about sold boards and sails or the number of active windsurfers. Not without reason. All of us together have lost touch with the mundane. Where do you see something windsurfing lifestyle in everyday life? Sure, surfing, snowboarding, that's all cool too, but don't we have our own identity? And isn't that what we're missing so much?


Many thanks to our supporters.

windsurfshop windsurf-shop windsurfen-lernen Jibe-Wear Modelabel Clothing spread-the-jibe Windsurf T-Shirt Windsurf Klamotten Gunnar Amussen

Gunnar Asmussen - GER 2

Gunnar Asmussen is not just a windsurfer.
He is something of a living legend of the German Windsurf Cup, IFCA Vice World Champion and icon of speed surfing.

On the beach he's just a windsurfing crazy dude who loves to have fun and enjoy the sun.

As soon as you get on the water, the fun is over. Then races are won, records broken and trained.

windsurfshop windsurf-shop windsurfen-lernen Jibe-Wear Modelabel Clothing spread-the-jibe Windsurf-Hoodie Windsurf Klamotten

Our story

How it all started...

Three windsurfers who have nothing better to do than found a fashion label.For windsurfers.Sounds weird and it is.

At least the founding story is quite normal...sometimes...

At the beginning of 2018, Mario aka Surferzyzz got the idea to produce his own windsurfing merchandise when he started on YouTube.When, after initial research, he realized that there was no fashion for windsurfers at all apart from a few simply designed Spreadshirt clothes, the next idea was born.Windsurf merchandise wasn't enough, it should be a real label.

Jibe wear... right? No, not quite yet! The label was originally supposed to be called 'Windsurfers Choice'.Luckily, this very "creative" name didn't make it into the public eye...

After further research, initial design drafts (very bad) and a provisional business plan, Mario quickly realized that a label wasn't just so and certainly not founding alone.

So the contact list was searched for a person who had experience as a windsurfer, skills in accounting and co., as well as potential as an entrepreneur.There wasn't much choice: Mario's longtime childhood friend Christopher was informed by voice message about the idea of ​​founding a fashion label.

Less than 2 weeks later, Christopher drove to northern Germany to start working with Mario.The chemistry was right, the ideas became more and more megalomaniacs and after two days of intensive planning (crazy exchange of ideas) both were sure: "Windsurfers Choice" will be gigantic!

Another 2 months later, of course, nothing was gigantic at all.The sober realization came that the competence in designing clothes was simply missing.Then Mario remembered a YouTube viewer who wrote to him a while ago that he is a windsurfing designer who would like to support the sport more.

This windsurfing designer is called Anton and was contacted just as spontaneously as Christopher was a few months earlier.As luck would have it, Anton already had his first ideas for shirts ready and the team was complete.

By the way, Anton was the one who kindly explained to Mario and Christopher that "Windsurfers Choice" can never become the name of a fashion label.The exact wording was: "that sounds really cheap".

A little later Mario (fortunately) got the idea to name the label Jibe Wear.Everyone was there right away, even Anton, who was (and still is) critical of names and designs.


Everything should go very quickly from now on - Anton conjured up our logo, Christopher took care of the official founding and Mario planned all the individual parts into a vision.A label from windsurfers, for everyone who wants to wear the lifestyle.So windsurfing should find a way back into everyday life.

After initial encounters with producers and an infinite number of hurdles, highs and lows overcome, the first collection arrived at Mario and Christopher in Leipzig in December 2019, more than 3 months late.Not perfect, but so good we couldn't believe it ourselves.(Here we change the narrative perspective).We knew right away that the hoody would be sold out after a few months.

When we officially celebrated our release, it was finally done.Jibe Wear was born.Our own label.The first orders came and when we received the first pictures of happy customers in our clothes, we knew that we were still a long way from our goal.

As we all know, the year 2020 should start extremely turbulently.Nevertheless, the success does not stay away and after countless more hours full of frustration, happiness and work, it was time for the second collection: the Spread The Jibe Drop.Out now.

This story is written annually.If you always want to be there, you can follow us on Instagram @jibe.wear folgen.

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