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I've been designing and building boards for over 50 years now. I started shaping surfboards in 1968. I have sculpted surfboards, windsurf boards, kite boards, stand up boards and now foil boards. There is no other shaper in the world who has had the same success in all these different sports as I have. Not only can I shape, I can build any of these boards from start to finish and do all the steps of the building process. I don't have a staff of "designers" responsible for coming out with new shapes for each season. I do all the prototyping and connectors for production myself.

Many of my forms are timeless. I don't make "new" molds every year just to sell more boards. Some shapes in my line will not change. They will do their job just as well today as they did when they were first introduced. Some shapes evolve, but they don't just go away because I don't make gimmick shapes just to grab the public's attention and trick them into thinking I have something that will make everything else on the market obsolete.

My style is to create functional designs and that means all the curves and contours of the form flow and blend together. These include the outline, rocker line, deck line and thickness flow, bottom shape, deck shape and rail shape. When all of those curves blend and flow, you get the GOLDEN RATIO, and I've achieved that GOLDEN RATIO way more times than most other board makers.

All of these shape factors don't just determine how a board goes through it Water glides whether you're waving, cruising a lake or plowing through choppy waters.

My boards, whether surf, kite, stand up or foil, fit more naturally on the water and with less effort of the rider than many other branded boards because of the GOLDEN RATIO I get in each of my shapes.

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