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PPC foiling was founded in New Zealand by founder Sam Loader (athlete, rider, designer and entrepreneur). Originally designing high performance SUPs, he then switched to foil to focus on everything.

When foiling came into the market, the focus was on designing and building specific foil products that catered to the market to lead instead of following the market. So for 7 years PPC Foiling has been on the rise and has grown into a globally recognized brand that combines craftsmanship, technology and thoughtful design.

Sam and his team quickly got to work and created the best performing and most technically advanced foil products on the market today.

Our wings are among the top performers in the market and we would love for you to embark on this addictive foiling journey with us.

Through intensive prototyping, listening to our customers and feedback from our team riders, our design and manufacturing processes ensure that PPC Foiling offers premium gear that not only works, but excels on every level.

With the new global sport of wing foiling, you'll be seeing us for a while.

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