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Z-Fins is the most driven fin brand in the PWA. The custom carbon fins inspire slalom riders, freeracers and freeriders alike - because everyone can feel the difference in performance.

The performance of a windsurfer is largely dependent on his fin. It is the only part of the material that is in constant contact with the water and therefore offers the greatest potential for improving speed and control. The difference to the sail and board, however, is that no trimming is possible here. Either you have the right fin or you don't.

More control and more speed — that's what it's all about.

We're happy to help you find the right fin for your set-up, your body and your riding style. During the consultation we go into all relevant points and take your performance on the water to the next level!

Z-Fins is known for its custom carbon fins, which can be completely adapted to the driver and his material.

A cheaper alternative is the Z-Fins Silverline, these are high-performance carbon fins that cover the widest possible range of conditions and materials.

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