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Point 7

Point 7 Vario harness lines

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Point 7 Vario harness lines

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Introducing the Point 7 Vario harness lines.

The Point 7 Windsurf Vario harness lines are robust and are ideal for any rig, whether for beginners or professionals.

Of course, the quick property is special. It is not necessary to disassemble the boom to assemble the harness lines. At least as relevant is the fact that the harness lines are very little prone to wobbling and are quite dimensionally stable. This effectively prevents annoying noises and twisting of the lines while windsurfing.

Harness lines should be replaced regularly. We recommend changing the lines once a year if you windsurf frequently. For occasional windsurfers we recommend an annual check of the ropes and a change every two years.

"Frequent windsurfing" applies to windsurfing from 1x per week. So at least 52 sessions per year.

"Casual windsurfer" applies to windsurfing less than once a week. So less than 52 sessions per year.

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