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Point-7 F1-E Hybrid Foil 2024




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Wir präsentieren das Point-7 F1-E Hybrid Foil 2024 Segel. 



Designed for:

Whether it’s foil or fin, it's most important to get on the water and have fun. The Point-7 F1-E Hybrid Foil 2024 is the perfect balanced sail to have great performance both when using a foil or fin. Once you decide between the wave-slalom or slalom model.

About this sail:

• Designed for foiling up to 16knots from zero
• Designed for fin from 13 knots to 21 knots
• The only big sail needed if you foil for fun
• Amazing in light wind foil conditions, amazing on fin medium to strong conditions
• Early planing and easy handling
• 7 battens and 2 bottom cams on the 7.6 and 8.5
• 5 battens and 1 bottom cam on the 5.4 and 6.4

What's new:

A new size in 4.4 has been introduced in the sail range.

Its Character:

Developing a sail able to satisfy all needs on a foil under 16 knots and blasting on a fin from 13 knots up to 21 knots. You need to choose the type of foiling and windsurfing you like and according to your weight for the right size and model type.

• 7.6 and 8.5 Slalom: a full slalom sail designed to blast on any free slalom to slalom board, both with fin and foil. When the sail starts to get too big on the foil, it will spin like a proper slalom sail on the fin.

• 5.4 and 6.4 Wave-slalom: The revolution of bump & jump freestyle wave designed to do tricks both with fin and foil on freestyle to free wave boards Blasting with your freestyle wave board at high speeds in stronger winds and enjoy saw basic jumping up to looping, and nice board carving. Imagine having a bit more drive below, a small cam, which pushes to have the extra power, stability and takes you to do all this with much more stability and control. Having a sail that's close to a size bigger, holds wind like a size smaller. 6.4 can also be used on free race or slalom boards.

On the water:

Feel as great as any of our fin sails when used with normal windsurfing boards in medium to high wind. They have been designed to fit the foil, but without sacrificing the stance on the windsurfing board. 1 cam on the 2 smaller sizes and 2 cams on the 7.4 and 3 cams on the 8.4 size. The cams in both cases are under the boom to give drive and stability to the foil, as well as control when powered up in windsurfing. The reduced mast sleeve size over the boom makes the sail light for flying, and comfortable on a fin when manoeuvring. The short boom and high aspect reduce the back hand power when foiling, and this gets the sail to be enjoyable in stronger wind as well.


1. 5mil Anti UV- X-ply base panel for protection from accidents.
2. Slalom Model: 4mil Anti UV X-ply laminate for high reactivity. Wave Slalom Model: 2.5 mil Anti UV X-ply laminate for light weight.
3. X-ply alternate batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex
4. Lower Dacron wide sleeve for extra power and comfort. Two cams for maximum drive a butter rotation.
5. Anti-UV transparent grey window to have a 100% Anti UV-Monofilm sail. All our Ply, X-ply, and Scrims monofilm are produced in the Unites States.

Target Development:

The Point-7 F1-E Hybrid Foil 2024 sits in the Point-7 range as the recreational sail for both foiling and fin. Designed specifically for fun and user-friendliness, but at the same time giving the extra edge for both uses. Having to work on a foil and on fin, you would think the sails to be compromises, but thanks to the smart set up, and wind range they will be used in, the sail will outperform any expectations.


The Point-7 F1-E Hybrid Foil 2024 having cams, needs to have the mast inserted over the cams in the mast sleeve. Downhaul 14cm to the end. Place the boom head and pull the clew. Place the cams on the mast, and pull the downhaul down to the foil settings, or 3cm for the fin setting.

Size  Luff   Mast Extention  Boom Trim   Boom  Kg (+-5) Battens Cams Clew Mast 
4.4 389 370 20 158+-2 160 3.2 5 1 1 ring rdm
5.4 426 400 28 170+-2 172 3.4 5 1 2 ring rdm
6.4 457 430 28 182+-2 184 4.4  5 1 2 ring rdm
7.4 495 460 38 200+-2 202 5.1 7 2 1 sdm
8.4 525 490 36 216+-2 218 6.4 7 2 1 sdm
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