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Vayu EZ FLY Wingboard

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Vayu EZ FLY Wingboard

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Wir präsentieren das Vayu EZ FLY Board.

The EZ Fly is the first dedicated wing foil school board which allows you to quickly learn the new sport of wing foiling. The board is extra wide for a very stable platform while being short and compact allowing you to learn the aspects of steering your foil up and down similar to a smaller wingfoil board. Four extra fin boxes in the front allow fins to be placed in various patterns for better tracking upwind while focusing on learning to handle the wing and board.

The EZ Fly can be used with only fins or the foil mast for the first step. In the second step, it can be equipped with the foil and the front fins. And as a third step it can be equipped with the foil only. When used with a short mast the board will allow you to recover quickly and spend more time on the foil. Having the same width as the front wing, the board also minimizes the risk of falling onto the foil.

Extra handles in the nose and the tail allow for easier carrying with two people and the EZ Fly can also be towed behind a boat for learning.



Making it easy to focus on the wing and steering in the beginning.


Making the board more reactive to input when steering up and down on the foil.


Minimizes drift making it easier to go upwind.



Durable lightweight construction for stiffness. The lighter the board, the more agile it will feel in the air. It will pump better and feel more responsive. A light yet durable epoxy composite laminate glass fiber layup is wrapped around a light EPS core. High-density closed cell PVC reinforcement around the foil track mount and foot strap inserts distribute the load. A lightweight bamboo reinforcement layer under the standing area adds impact resistance and rigidity.


The Vent allows air to pass in and out of the board, while preventing water from entering. Hassle free since it is factory-fitted and does not require any adjustment. No need to open and close. High volume sandwich boards are affected by extreme temperature changes. To avoid damage a two-way vent is installed in the deck. Still avoid exposing your board to extreme heat and sunlight.


Volumen 180L
 Maße 189 x 95 x 14 cm
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