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Avanti Sails is a premium sail brand headquartered in the USA. There the sail designer Dan Kaseler works on new innovations for the windsurfing world and draws his inspiration from yachting, among other things. Membrane sails have been standard here for a long time when it comes to performance and lightness. As a former Naish & Gaastra designer, Dan combines an incredible range of knowledge, which ultimately results in an absolutely unique and innovative product line.

The Avanti sails are known for their membrane technology, but since this year the entire collection has also been available in a cheaper monofilm version. In this way, the sails can compete directly with other brands and also show dominance in the middle class segment.

Differences between modern membrane and classic monofilm constructions can be characterized as follows:

Traditional construction

The Avanti Monofilm sails are made of high quality monofilm as well as extra strong Xply. This combination of materials has been dominant in the windsurfing industry for 25 years - with good reason. Monofilm and Xply are extremely cost-effective and easy to produce.

Avanti now also uses these materials to manufacture the most important sail models in order to be able to meet all customer requirements.

In addition to the lower price, there are the Differences to the membrane in general riding feel, durability and reactivity. Here the membrane has clear advantages.

However, the high-quality production and choice of materials used in the Avanti Monofilm series outshines most of its competitors. So if you are looking for a cheaper but high-quality alternative to the classic Avanti Sails membrane line, you will find it here. The performance-oriented sails are also a highlight on the water in their traditional construction.

Membrane Construction

The membrane is different from traditional construction: more complicated to manufacture, more expensive and more difficult to source, but with unique, distinctive advantages. These are characterized by less weight, both on the scale and in the driving experience, by a longer durability and a superior performance. The origin of these properties lies in the membrane itself, because each individual sail panel is individually adapted to the respective sail size and type.

Ultimately, aramid fibers optimally distribute the force of the wind in the sail to ensure the most even driving experience possible and an absolutely stable one to ensure pressure point. In addition, the wind range of the sail increases enormously, since the pressure point does not wander around in the sail depending on the respective conditions.

Whereas traditional sails stretch in the wind and thus tend to wear out faster, the membrane almost completely eliminates any unwanted tensile forces.

The result can be felt from the first second on the water and is incomparable.

Avanti Carbon Booms

In addition to the high-end sail range, you will also find matching carbon booms at Avanti. These particularly stiff and light booms ensure an even more direct riding experience and take your performance on the water to the next level.

Slalom - Freerace - Freeride

The three larger Avanti booms ensure optimal performance on the straight. The width of the end piece is particularly important to give the sail enough room to breathe and of course the high rigidity due to the carbon.

Freeride - Wave - Freestyle

The two small booms are designed for small freeride sails, wave sails and freestyle sails. The lower weight and rigidity are particularly important here,
both of which are made possible by the carbon used and the narrow end piece.

Avanti Carbon Masten

The best sail is nothing without a suitable mast. This has been the case for decades and even more so with modern performance sails.
The Avanti Carbon masts are constant curve masts that complement the Avanti sails perfectly. Available in RDM, SDM and with different carbon components, every sail concept finds its suitable complement.

Race - Freerace - Freeride

Rival C 100

- consisting of 100% ultra-stable T-700 high performance carbon
- high-quality pre-preg carbon mast
- long-lasting epoxy resin system
- finely tuned fiber components ensure optimal flex
- the ideal race and performance Freeride / Freerace Mast

Freerace - Freeride

Poweride C 75

- high-quality pre-preg carbon mast
- solid epoxy resin system
- finely tuned fiber components ensure optimal flex
- the ideal freeride / freerace mast

Freeride - Wave - Freestyle

Spine C 100

- high-quality pre-preg carbon mast
- unique epoxy resin system ensures enormous durability
- finely tuned fiber components ensure optimal flex
- the ideal wave, freestyle & freeride mast

Freeride - Wave - Freestyle

Shop C 75

- high-quality pre-preg carbon mast
- solid epoxy resin system
- finely tuned fiber components ensure optimal flex
- very good durability
- wave, freestyle & freeride mast

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