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AV-Boards Dynamo


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Wir präsentieren das AV-Board Dynamo.


Aurelio Verdi completely revised all the AV-Boards Wave range, so for the 2022 collection only the name Dynamo is the same as the previous collection!

The new Dynamo Wave range features 6 brand new shapes with a slightly wider outline to increase all-round wave performances: 

Dynamo 70 (219 x 54 x 70L), 
Dynamo 78 (220 x 56,5 x 78), 
Dynamo 85 (222 x 58 x 85L), 
Dynamo 92 (224 x 59,5 x 92L), 
Dynamo 98 (225 x 61 x 98L), 
Dynamo 116 (225 x 64 x 116L).

The scoop line is the same, but the bottom shape has been revised and now features an increased V from nose to tail, with light double concave from tail to mid section of the board, so the board is even easier to turn thanks to it's increased manoeuvrability. 

The rocker line is slightly more curved in order to get the board faster and loose feeling. 

Dynamo 70 and 78 feature an increased tail kick to give even more manoeuvrability on extreme wind and wave conditions. To enhance the turning performance the footstraps are positioned slightly back compared to the previous collection.  

All the boards feature 5 boxes (US box for the center fin and Slot Box for the side fins) in order to allow thruster or quad setup depending the conditions and the rider's style. The construction is still the trademark Carbon Kevlar double sandwich with pigmented resin.

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